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“Despite mounting evidence of its role in student achievement, arts education is disappearing in the schools…”

~National Education Association (NEA)

Marcus Anderson Foundation (MAF)

MAF initially is a grassroots movement to launch an official non-profit charity.  Anderson has teamed up with Antigua Winds, LLC, a San Antonio based wind instruments manufacturer and distributor to provide instruments to deserving and needing youth and school-based music programs.  Anderson also anticipates providing scholarships to help students take advantage of great musical arts programs like he once did.  Marcus believes utilizing the notoriety he has achieved as a musical artist is key to helping him give back to youth and students and to bring visibility to the cause for which he is so passionate.

MAF’s key areas of focus include:

  • Access to quality musical instruments for deserving school age children locally and globally
  • Scholarships to his alma mater North Carolina Central University (NCCU)
  • Youth Mentorship to encourage and model positive life choices and to reinforce the importance of music in developing a well-rounded individual

Support the Movement
Change Lives Forever

“We want to be able to donate instruments to deserving youth, young adult programs, provide financial assistance to future NCCU musicians, and hold day-camps to help youth understand we all can choose to surround ourselves with positive individuals.”

Thank you for your support! – Marcus Anderson

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